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Indoor training

Does your program need a climate controlled environment for your  training needs? Indoor365 offers a great option for indoor training for all programs at a great low cost! Let us...

Happy Birthday @ Indoor365?

Are you looking for a fun option for your child's next birthday? Games, games and more games fill your shields day! Let Indoor365 ...

​​​​Kids Night Out!

Friday Fun night. 

Dodgeball, Kickball, Basketball, Football, Soccer, Ping pong, Air Hockey, you name it, come and play it! Leave your parents home every Friday and Saturday nights 730-930pm ...


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Open play for Tots!

Coming soon!

Looking for a place to let your child play and develop his or her motor skills? Indoor365 is offering open play for kids of toddler, preschool and elementary ages. 

Tuesday through Friday 2pm -6pm Bring your child ages 6 months - 6 years and let them run around, play on the turf, shoot baskets, jump in the bounce house, walk on the balance beam, jump on the trampoline or just toss and kick balls. 

Open play allows your child to develop his or her motor skills, balance, coordination while also developing interpersonal skills learning to share and play with others. Mom and dad take a break and sit back and watch your child build confidence and develop all while having fun...


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Open play Fun and Games!​​​​​​

Want to play Whiffle ball? How about Kick ball? Flag football? Soccer? Or just shoot baskets? Indoor365 is offering open play for kids every Friday  night 730-930pm. Leave your parents at home!


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Local teams

Local teams / programs contact us for special team rates...



Our Mission:

Indoor365 was founded for the sole purpose of offering the community a low cost option for private or team training and for kids of all ages to run around and play!

Indoor365 offers a climate controlled environment allowing individuals and programs the opportunity to work on improving their skills, techniques and most of all confidence. Indoor365's low cost approach helps the programs keep their costs and over head low while offering a clean , friendly local option for personal or team training needs.

Now Indoor365 wants you to come play with us! Bring your kids and let them play, Friday and Saturday nights, let them run around play the games they love all at a low cost, local option.  


Instructors Welcome:

We're always looking for new programs and instructors. If you are interested in bringing your program indoors and cutting out your overhead contact us. We are looking for instructors to bring their program to Indoor365 and broaden our offerings while supporting the communities needs.